Sea of Thieves – Read before you buy

Sea of Thieves – Read before you buy

What makes a game stand out in year 2018? It is all about updated content. In year 2018 it is very important for the developers to add new content to the game over and over again. This is something that has changed in recent years in gaming. One good example of this kind of games is Sea of Thieves. It is one of the most famous games published this year. Even when it still do not have a ton of content.

Sea of thieves started out slim. Having clever idea and not having much content supporting it. The idea is brilliant. You are one of the many pirates on the sea and you will have a boat alone or with friends or with random people. The game mechanics works like a charm. It is not just to steer your boat on an open sea. No. It is much more!

I played Sea of Thieves when it was published and already now it is very interesting game. First you need to pick up your character. You need to choose if you want to play alone on a small boat called Sloop or if you want to join 3-4-man crew on a bigger boat called Galleon. If you choose Sloop you can sail alone or with one friend. On a sloop you will have only 2 cannons when the Galleon has 8. Sloop is much easier to handle because you will have only 1 sail to adjust and everything is close together. On a Galleon you will have 3 sails to adjust and it turns very slowly, and everything is stored in the lower decks and you will need to run back and worth if you need more cannon balls. Anchor is on the other end of the ship so solo playing is difficult with a Galleon.

Choose your pirate


Game needs some skills.

As I mentioned before the game is much more than just going around the sea. If you want to be successful you need to adjust the sails towards the wind and plan your approach towards the islands. On a sloop it is easy to maneuver. On Galleon you will need very organized team. I have played many times on a random Galleon crew and it is usually painful. People are not focused. I usually like to go with a Sloop with one random crewmate. I can easily sink non-organized Galleons with this small ship. Easy if the crew of the Galleon is confused and are not  good at turning the Galleon. If you see a well-organized Galleon crew -> run. Or better to say hide… you cannot outrun a Galleon, but you can waste their time, by making smart moves.


If you want to navigate the map. Then you really need to first go and check where you want to go from the map that is available only in the ship middle deck. You need then look the correct direction and use your compass to navigate. It is not an easy task if you are sailing alone. On a Sloop however, you can see the map from the upper deck and it helps you navigate.

Should I Choose Sloop or Galleon?

Galleon is the most fun if you have good friends playing the game also. Unfortunately, it is not that much of a fun if you take 3 random guys with you and they don’t know anything about the game. Also, it is very annoying when you everyone leaves the game and it might take 30 minutes before new crew shows up. One time I was alone on the Galleon and random 3 guys joined the ship and they just voted me to the prick and sunk the ship with all my loot. Then they left. Not fun at all. Well I think they enjoyed it a lot :D.

Galleon option in Sea of Thieves
Galleon option in Sea of Thieves


Sloop is the best choice if you want to play solo or with 2-man crew. I usually take the 2-man crew because usually the other guy is listening what you are saying, and everything works out well. Also, it is fun to try to outsmart the Galleon crews who usually are not that good.

Sloop option in Sea of Thieves
Sloop option in Sea of Thieves

Doing missions in Sea of Thieves

The other part of the game is the missions. Those unfortunately still repeat themselves. There are 3 main missions you can choose. You can start looking for treasures, fighting skeletons for their skulls or trying to find and trap chickens and pigs. These missions will repeat the same idea over and over again and it is fun at the beginning but after you have done 20 treasure chest mission it is not fun anymore.

Fun fighting

The game itself is fun. When you don’t want to do the missions anymore you can just hunt down other pirates and try to take them out in a fight. One of my best ways to do so is to challenge 4-man Galleon with a 2-man Sloop. What I usually do is that I try to flank them front or rear and shoot as much as possible. Then I will hop myself to the cannon and shoot myself to the enemy ship. Usually the Galleon crew is so focusing to shoot down the small Sloop that they do not even notice that I am in their ship. Then the fun begins. It is easy to take out 2 enemy before the others have any idea what is going on. Just remember to take your pistol and shotgun and everything will be ok.

Development of the game

Good thing is that the development team are coming up with new ideas all the time. They are adding updated content to the game. So, I believe in near future we will see a lot different missions and more complex treasure hunting. The development team have already added some sea monsters to the game and I think they are not stopping there. As long as they keep developing the game they will have ton of players playing it. I think you should too.

Should I buy the Sea of Thieves?

One thing before you buy this game is very important. Do you have time to play more than 30 minutes? You don’t do much in this game in 30 minutes. You should at least play 1 hour at a time if you want to advance in this game. It might take 30 minutes before you even reach the first loot and then you have to take the loot and sell it. And there is many things that might happen during the return. Like a Galleon might show up and you have to find a way to get your treasure to safety. 30 minutes is just way too short.

I still recommend buying the game if you have time to play it. It is fun, and it is always nice to see the new content that they add to the game. Like the sea monsters. And it is something that you need to buy if you can play it with your good friends. Playing with friends the Sea of Thieves will give you good time for your money for sure.

So see you soon at the seas of the thieves. My pirate friends.


  • Open map
  • Sailing is fun
  • PVP
  • Added content
  • Pirates 😉
  • Sailing with friends


  • At this moment there is not enough content on the missions.
  • You need time to play it


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