Roasting own coffee at home – Best idea of the year?

Roasting own coffee at home – Best idea of the year?

Roasting your own coffee. Sounds fun eh? Well yes and no. Let me tell you a story when I made some nice own coffee beans. Well It was a good cup of coffee for sure. Of course it was because it was homemade! Well no to the truth.

I got one pack of green coffee beans as a birthday present from my sister. The gift itself was a perfect hit because I looove some coffee. I have tried to make coffee in so many ways that I don’t even remember all the things I have tried. Now to the point.

In Finland it is very difficult to find a machine that you can use to roast coffee inside your home. I don’t know why, but for some reason there is none. I have seen that there are many different machines for it in the market. Not just in Finnish market it seems. Well it might have something to do with safety etc.

Back in the old days people roasted the coffee on open fire with special made coffee roaster. It was a metal pan which had a lid on it and a crank. Turning the crank on top of the pan made the coffee move inside the roaster and made sure that the coffee will not burn. It seems impossible to find these either. I found 1 or 2 but those were in so bad condition that I would not use them for anything. Back to the beginning.

Well if you do not have any kind of roaster. You still can make some roasted coffee beans yourself. Just put them to a oven. Easy as that… Believe me… it will do the trick. Only problem is that there will be more smoke than there is when the house is in fire. So, if you will do it, remember to have very good ventilation.

When roasting coffee at home, make sure your ventilation is working. There will be a lot of smoke.

I made only the one small back of coffee and my house was full of smoke. I even kept all windows open. It helped a little. Very little. Yeah none. Well the roasting of the coffee was a small success. At least I think so myself. The coffee tasted good after you waited 24 hours for the smell of smoke to leave the coffee beans. The beans were so shiny from the oil of the coffee. I think because all the problems I had with the coffee roasting, the coffee tasted even better than normally.

You can try it yourself but don’t burn anything. I think if you really want to enjoy it, take the roasting pan with you to wilderness and roast some nice coffee away from everyone. I think that way it would be the best experience.

Good luck!