B2B sales: Know Your Products and Company

B2B sales: Know Your Products and Company

How to be successful B2B Sales guy?

What is the most important key for successful B2B sales? Well it is the same for all salesman. You must know your products. On this blog I will tell you about the one most important thing to learn to be better at B2B sales. I cannot tell you what kind of person you should be to be successful sales guy, because there is not one personality but many who can do it. You just need to adapt the way you work to fit your personality. One thing however I can tell anyone. You really need to know what you are selling!

Learn from the user manuals.

When you are selling products or services to other businesses. There usually is many other competitors on the field. If you really want to get your own product through everyone else, then you need to be very good at what you are doing. One way is to know everything there is about the product or service you are selling. All customer like representatives who know what they are talking about. I have seen it so many times that when customer makes a basic question then the sales guy needs to go and find the information from the computer. It is not bad to search for the information but if it is basic questions then it is better to know it.

Learn from user manuals
Learn from user manuals

I even one time was buying a printer for myself. All I wanted to know how many papers I can print with one ink-set. The sales guy in the store did not know this. He went for the computer and searched for 10 minutes. During that time, I read the package of the printer and it read there with bolded letters. Up to 10 000 sheets! Well it was disappointing to know that the sales guy did not find any information from the computer…

You should read all the user manuals you can for the products you have. If you have too many products, then you should choose the most important ones and read the manual and use your time on it. Learn how it works and learn all the stuff there is. Customer will be impressed if you can tell even the smallest things from the products when you tell about it. All the functions it has etc. It is the best way to sell products in B2B sales and in B2C. It is the most basic thing to learn but many people do not use their time for this.

Also know the differences between you own products and competitors. It is always good to have two different options from your own products and let the customer know which one you prefer for this specific customer.

Do not count only that the company will train you. You need to do it yourself if you want to succeed in B2B sales!

Know your company

Other thing you should know is the company. You should learn all the basic stuff. Do they have other sections with other products? How old is the company? How many warehouses there is? How many different products etc. Many B2B customers want to know who they are dealing with. They need to know if the company is worth their time. For example, I was doing work for one new company in our country. Many customers did not know the company and it made them think why I should buy products from them when they are so new on the market. Well then, I usually told them that yes, but this company has been working in other EU countries for 20 years with these products and with other products groups for 100 years already. After that the potential customers were usually more interested and wanted to know more about the company and products.

Now we get to the knowledge that can separate you from all other sales guys out there. Know how your company works! If you want to be most successful in B2B sales, you should know how different sections of the company works. Why? Well let me tell you.

Know how your company and people work

I changed the company few years back. Before I joined the team, there was not much sales in my country. It changed fast because I brought my own way of doing things to the new company. What do I do first? I learn how logistics, invoicing, returns, claims and the sales structure works in the company. Many people ask me why do I use my time on these when those have nothing to do with selling products. Simple is that I give my customers extra knowledge for their money.

Know your company and people
Know your company and people

I think all sales guys out there have had some problems with new customers having invoice problems, claims or want to know more about returns. OK. What do you do normally? Well you tell the customer that you will call few people and we will sort this out. Then you call these few guys and you do not know what they are talking about when they start telling you that “yes this customer has this and this in the system  or he should do this and this in the customer portal”. Something like this. AND if you do not have knowledge on these things that “have nothing to do with sales” it is going to be much more difficult to explain to the customer what is going on.

What I do is that I have knowledge on all of these things. And when customer calls me and tells that he has problems with the dealer portal or with the claim or something similar. I already know what the problem is! Because I did my homework with the claims and how the dealer portal works. I don’t need to call anyone at that point. I tell customer that give me 5 minutes and it is fixed. Then I call the guy who is responsible about the claims and I tell him what he should do. Then I call back to the customer and tell him: “Everything is now sorted out. I hope you have a nice day. Do you know when could I come and visit you again?”

After that the customer is the happiest customer there is and they will trust me with everything else also. AND the meeting we will agree does not have to be very important one. It might just be a cup of coffee and some small things about the products etc. The thing is that he now remembers that I do everything for him and he will not get the same treatment from the competitors.

So please when you are working on the B2B field where you usually do business with the same customer many times during the year, you should learn how everything works in the company that you can help the customer much more better! And the guy who helps them is you!