B2B Sales: Know your customer, what motivates them?

B2B Sales: Know your customer, what motivates them?

There are many different approaches to sell products to any customer. You can tell you customer even all the smallest detail of your product to show him how good your product is. Or you can paint a lovely picture to your customers mind about the product and benefits it gives him. You can also push your customer to make the final decision fast or you can wait and give your customer time to think. What is the best approach when selling your product or service to your customer? Read below key points on B2B sales.


Best way to sell product and service to B2B customer.

There are many ways to sell your products and services. The important thing is to know that you cannot use just one. Usually your leads consist on many kinds of customer who all have different ideas and they see the world little bit differently. For one customer aggressive sale strategy might work very well but for another it might scare them away.

What you must do is to know your customer. You need to know what motivates them. You need to know how they see things; do they want to have all hard data about the product or do they just want you to explain how the product makes money. Some might even get exited if you can tell them how environmentally friendly the product is. Then again someone else might not care as long as it brings money to the table.


Try to learn what motivates your customer best and write it down.

When you visit your customer first time. Do not expect to close sales on the first go. Try to learn about him more. Try to see what kind of person he/she is and try to understand what motivates him the most. After you learn this you can easily approach your customer again and be ready to show the product in correct way. It is very important to remember the way you should present your products for each customer. You should make your own list of them and sort them so that you always know the correct approach.


Make segmentation that shows different customer behavior.

One way you can do this is to make 4 different segments.

1st is the aggressive approach.

2nd is the technical approach

3rd is the “money talks” approach

4th is the “paint a picture” approach

There are several possible ways to segment your customers. You can make your own list that suits your customer group the best.

For the example I will tell how you can segment the customers in the groups mentioned apove and how to sell the products to the customers on those groups.


Four B2B selling strategies according to the customer behavior.


The aggressive sales strategy:

On the aggressive sales approach the customer likes more if you have high energy on your sales speech. You need to be usually short and don’t give too much facts. These customers will get bored and out of focus if you start telling them every little detail about the product. Keep it short and tell all the hard facts and try to explain in a short way why the product if better than others. Also you should try to close the deal fast. Do not be to aggressive on the close because many times these customers also know their value and do not like to be pushed around.

The technical sales strategy:

The more technical approach on our product sales is needed if the customer is more passive and likes to have precise product details. Usually customer is more or less technically trained. They want to know how the product works and what is the facts that makes it different. On these customers you can spend a life time telling about the specifications of the products. You should try to tell the customer all most important facts and then tell him/her that you will send all the data on his e-mail afterwards so that they can check the specifications themselves also. It is very important do to so that the customer feels safer about your product.

If the meeting goes so far that they will not want to do the deal before they check all the details, then you must remember to make the follow up soon enough. Whit these customers it is important to close the deal carefully, but you need to do lot of work to close the final deal. They very rarely contact you after they check the specifications. You need to contact them.

The “Money Talks” strategy:

There is lot of customers that does not care anything else but how they make money with the product you offer. They usually do not care about the specifications of the product. They do not need to know how it works as long as you can offer them a clear picture of what is the money-making aspect of what you are offering. Is it a fast mover or does it have a high margin? Is it for example only real option on the market and that is the reason why it is easy to sell?  You need to be prepared. You need to make key points about how it helps your customer to make money.

Do not forgot that the customer usually already has some kind of solution going on. If you can somehow find out what the solution is then you can plan key points how your solution makes better money than the old. Customers in this group will want to have special discount. Usually it is not recommended to give more discount as it is not the healthy approach. You need to listen the situation and make you decision according to the customers needs. Many times, however, with these customers you cannot close the deal without some way of giving at least small discount or a yearly bonus according to the turnover target.

The “Paint a Picture” strategy.

Sometimes there is customers who needs help to understand the benefits of the products. Sometimes it is needed to create a image for the customer about the future possibilities of the product and how it will help them. You need to do a lot of imagining and talking to go trough with this customer group. You need to prepare to give them solid ideas of how they can use the product to make their life easier or to make their company working better.

These customers do not need to have hard facts or to be told how it makes money. They just need you to be convincing about the product and to make them believe that it is the best future strategy or solution. You need to make sure they understand that you represent the product / solution as well and will help them when ever they need helping. For these customers it is usually only possible to close the deal if they believe fully to you and your product / solution. Do not try to be aggressive and close the deal with aggressive approach. Only when they are convinced, they will follow it through.


These four approaches usually work very well on 2B2 sales with a new customer. When you know them better you can adjust the approaches even more specifically on that one customer. There is of course many other approaches and not all will work with every sales guy. However, these are good guide lines to get started. Make sure to always make your approach to look more like you. No one can sell the way someone else does it. You need to do as it best fits you.


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