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What is the site about?

Well shortly on this website you will find different posts about technology, life and sports. Why? Well I like all of those thing and I wanted to share these things with you. I have always been very interested on different products and specially technology products. I don’t usually want to own those specific products myself. I just want to know how they work.

Life is full of nice pretty things. We are now living in very strange world. When I was younger the internet just came to everyone. It was slow and annoying. There was nothing to find. Back then you had to really do your best to find information. Now you just find everything you want in a second or two. If not, then you don’t need it.

In the “life” part of my site. I will try to add interesting things about health, life, environment and stuff like that. All about living.

Sports section will have all sport related things. Mostly products that helps you get yourself in better shape. I like running myself so there should be a lot of things related to that.

There will be a lot of reviews of different products  because that is what I like to do. I will tell about the products as I see them. The product reviews will not be one of those boring very “professional” ones. I will tell about the products and try to see things in a different way.